K Velayudhan Memorial Trust formed on 24th December 1983 with the objective of providing relief and solace to the poor and needy, mainly in Charitable and Education field. The emphasis is on health Education, Welfare of Women, Children and other weaker sections of the society including Disabled, retarded and Discarded as well as higher education in science and technology. K. Velayudhan Memorial Trust was registered under Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act XII of 1955 with Registration Number A/239/87.

Over the years, the trust has earned a reputation for itself by fulfilling the educational aspirations of many and self providing relief through its pioneering activities in educational and charity fields and by running organizations and institutions of international quality. The many educational institutions setup by the trust have become the most preferred choice for the students in the region for their excellent infrastructure and exceptional quality of teaching. The social service organizations run by the trust have brought hope and happiness to many children and families.

The trust is constantly on the lookout for new avenues to channelize its energy and resources addressing newer needs and aspirations of the society and in service of humanity.

Managing Committee

Mrs. Saraswathy Pyarelal

Dr. V.V Pyarelal

Mrs.Anupama Rajesh

Dr.Aarya Jaikish

Dr.Jaikish Jayaraj

Adv. Rajesh G

Santhanakrishnan S

Core Values  of  KVM Group

KVM  Trust  was  formed  with  the  intent  of  meeting  the  Corporate  Social  Responsibility  of  a  more  than  a  century  old  successful and  respected  business  family.

The  Core  Values  are  simple  and  easily  understood  and  they  are:


Establish  and  manage  educational  institutions  to  empower  members  of  society  with  knowledge  required  for  success  in  life  and  to  become  responsible  members  of  the  Society.


Provide service to society through educational institutions for

  1. the  mentally – differently  abled  and  for  training  teachers  for  them,
  2. Training of  nurses  and  paramedicals   and Pharmacists
  3. Providing a  livelihood  for  the  differentially  enabled  in KVM  Trust  Institutions  or


KVM  Group  will  constantly strive to better the highest standards achieved,  in our  day-to-day work, in  our  dealing  with  all  our  customers, employees  and  other  stakeholders,  and in the quality of the  education   and  other services we provide

Vision of  the  KVM Group  Institutions

The  Vision  for  the  Group  provides  direction and  focus   for  all  activities  of  the  Group.

The  KVM  Vision, as  espoused  by  the  Director – KVM Trust  is  as  follows:

  1. Become a  nationally  known  Charitable  Organization
  2. Grow into  a  Deemed  University  with  broad  presence    in

                        – Medical

                        – Technical  and 

                        – Disability  Management  areas 


Institutions under KVM Trust

I Charitable Institutions

  • KVM Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts
  • KVM School for Mentally Challenged.
  • KVM Child Care Centre.

II Educational & other Institutions

  1. K VM College of Nursing
  2. KV School of Nursing
  3. KVM Institute of Para Medical Sciences
  4. KVM College of Special Education
  5. KVM College of Pharmacy
  6. KVM College of Science & Technology
  7. KVM College of Arts and Science
  8. KVM College of Engineering
  9. KVM Working Women’s Hostel


  • The KVM TRUST is located in the KVM Campus just behind the KVM Hospital at Cherthala on the NH-47.
  • 2 Km from KSRTC Bus Station and 2.5 Km from Railway Station.
  • The nearest airport is at Cochin (Nedumbassery) which is about 70 km away.

Latitude: 9 (Degree) ; 39 (Minute) ; 56.8002 (Second)
Longitude: 76 (Degree) ; 20 (Minute) ; 26.6964 (Second)

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