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Last updateJan 10th 2016

KVM Trust


1.A perfect learning environment were created with different stimulationg and therapic equipments. These includes psysioball, wedge, bolster, bean bag, mobility adaptive and training devices, play and learning equipment to stimulate and physical development and wide range of toys

2.A sensory integration lab which included a dark room with visual and autotory stimulationg facility, ball pool, saving for vestibular stimulation, sand play pit, tactile, gustatory and auditory sensation stimulating materials, balance board, music therapy and water play facilities are also available for theor care and treatment.

3.Specially trained and dedicated staff give children individualised care and treatment. Counceling and special training for parents to cope up with the special needs of their children is also provided.

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    P B No. 13,
    Cherthala, Alappuzha
    Kerala, India - 688 524
  • 0478 - 282 2478, 281 0980
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