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KVM Trust


* Individual Counselling
* Family Counselling
* Marital Counselling
* Pre-marital Counselling
* Teenage Counselling
* De-Addiction camps
* AA Meetings
* AIDS Awareness programmes
* Psychological therapies
* Guidance
* Learning disabilities in Students
* Teenage councelling at schools
* Field awareness programmes
* Legal literacy camps
* Regular awareness programmes to empower women
* Life skill training
* Personality development
* Regular follow-ups and home visits

Treatment and Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts

In India, the management of drug addict has traditionally been the responsibility of the family or the social group to which he belonged. However, in the wake of various socio-cultural and economic changes, there has been an increasing demand on the State to provide for adequate facilities for the treatment of drug addicts.

It is widely recognized that drug addiction is a psycho-socio-medical problem and as such needs to be tackled in the entirety of the life situations of the addict. The main trust of these programmes is to promote and strenghthen the contacts of the addict with his family and community and to win over the confidence of the community to gain better support and cooperation in the rehabiliation of the drug addicts.

KVM IRCA is a 15 bedded centre. This centre is floowing multi-disciplinary approach - the treatment process carried out by Psychatrist, Physician, Psychologist, Psychiatric social workers and Nurses. Duration of the treatment is 31 days.

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