About KVM Institute of English

Offers various programmes in English for the students of KVM group of Institutions and for the general public. Coaching for IELTS and TOEFL, Communicative English for BSc and GNM students and Spoken English for the general public are some of the programmes the department has been successfully running. A certificate course in Functional English and public speaking has been recently introduced.

To make learning more interesting and effective, a variety of studio-visual aids are being used. A well equipped language lab helps the student use technology for language learning. The added attraction to the departmental library, well stocked with books of English fiction encourages the reading habit.


English has become the language of choice worldwide. Government departments, business houses, multinational companies and banks now value effective communication skills in English. Employees need to demonstrate their competence in English for gainful employment, students and employees who wish to go abroad need to prove their competence in the use of English to gain entry into English speaking countries.

So our objective is to train the students face this growing demand so that they can work in an atmosphere where they can face life with confidence.